Zlatna Dolina


 Ever since the ancient Roman times known as Vallis Aurea, i.e. the Golden Valley. It was famous for its grain and celebrated wines and it kept this reputation to this day. This valley in the centre of Slavonia is surrounded by hills from all sides, and the most famous slopes are the southern expositions of Papuk and Krndija within the Vineyards of Kutjevo.
We can freely say that we are very happy to live and work precisely here, because everything this term implies comes together here, almost ideally. That is, the climate with all important characteristics (warmth, sunlight, precipitation, wind, etc.), soil with ideal physical-chemical and biological features, relief – slightly slopping southern location favours the production of high-quality wines.


The location of our vineyards

 The vineyards of B. Jakobović Winery are on the southern, always sunny and serene slopes of Papuk, at the altitude of 260 m. All our vineyards are located above the village of Vetovo and it is the very centre of the highest-quality Croatian vineyards, the Vineyards of Kutjevo.

Naša adresa

Stjepana Radića 60, Vetovo (Kutjevo), Croatia